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105th House candidate Wojdan reveals how he will vote on state proposals

GAYLORD — As the Nov. 8 election approaches, the Gaylord Herald Times will publish candidate profiles for contested local and state races.

Featured today are candidates for the 105th Michigan House of Representatives district, which includes all or part of the following counties: Antrim, Crawford, Kalkaska, Missaukee, Oscoda, Otsego and Roscommon.

The incumbent office holder, Republican Ken Borton of Gaylord, did not respond to an invitation to participate in this report. Adam Wojdan is the Democratic Party candidate. He lives in Frederic and works for the Crawford County Library. This race is his first attempt at running for public office.

All candidates received the same questions. The Herald Times reserved the right to edit responses from the candidates to account for space, grammar and Associated Press style guidelines.

Q: How will you personally vote on Proposal 3 on the November ballot that will decide the future of legal access to abortion in Michigan?

A: I will be voting “Yes” on Proposal 3. The topic of reproductive rights has always held a lot of conflict for many people. However, one person or a group of people should not be making decisions about another’s body. The state should provide services to aid with reproductive health.

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Q: How will you personally vote on Proposal 2 on the November ballot which would add additional election requirements to the state Constitution, including nine days of early voting?

A: I will be voting “Yes” on Proposal 2. During the course of the last few elections, voting practices have come into the spotlight with things such as voting fraud.

Proposal 2 would make some changes that would allow voting to be more accessible for more people. It would allow people to vote without the fear of harassment or intimidation. It would even allow our military that are overseas the ability to vote. Proposal 2 would require the public disclosure of any donations from private entities that are used to pay for either elections or audits. The public will be able to see how and where this money is coming from.

This proposal would also allow for nine days of early voting. I agree with this because everyone should have the ability to cast their ballot, and on election day people may not be able to make it to their polling location for several reasons. By having this time for early voting, we are giving people a chance to vote.

Q: If elected, will you release your state and federal tax returns every year that you are in office?

A: If I were elected to the office of state representative, I would release both my state and federal tax returns each year that I am in office. It is important to be transparent with people, and to show them that I am someone that they can trust.

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This article originally appeared on The Petoskey News-Review: 105th House candidate Wojdan reveals how he will vote on state proposals

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