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A Information To Arranging Your Wardrobe

If you are reading this article, you have likely concluded that your wardrobe needs rearranging.

Rearranging your wardrobe is so satisfying once you have finished but getting yourself motivated can be the hard part. When you look in your wardrobe, you will notice you own so many clothes.

Completely Empty Your Wardrobe

First things first, you need to empty your wardrobe. That includes your cheap men’s hoodies, t-shirts, denim jeans, bomber jackets and the rest you may own. Once you have got all of your clothes on your bed and the floor, you need to arrange them in different piles.

You should have a loungewear pile that will have your full tracksuits, pyjamas and dressing gowns. All these clothes do not require hangers. They can be carefully folded and placed onto a shelf or in a drawer.

Then you want another pile which will include the clothes you will use hangers for. This includes shirts, pants, suits, jackets and some t-shirts. The next and final pile that you want to sort is the clothes you may no longer want. Once you have decided on those clothes, put them to one side as you will be coming back to them.

Break Down Your Piles Of Clothing Even More

This depends on how you want your wardrobe to look. You are either a colour person with your wardrobe or, you are an occasion person. A colour person will arrange all of their clothes by colour, no matter what the item is. The other technique is organising clothes for an occasion.

If you are an occasion person, arrange your suits first and place them all in a neat pile. The next pile will be your pants that are not part of a suit and then follow that be another pile of shirts. Your next pile should be your t-shirts and then it should be your jackets. However, when arranging your jackets, ensure you have separate piles for the outdoor jacket and indoor jackets.

Begin Putting Them Back In Your Wardrobe

Once all your piles of clothes are organised, you want to begin placing them in your wardrobe to how you like them. We would usually order them by suits, shirts, pants, t-shirts, indoor jackets and then outdoor jackets. This is all down to personal preference.

Once your clothes are hung up, it is time to put those clothes in your wardrobe that do not require hangers. Furthermore, ensure that these clothes are separated into different piles. Separate piles would include hoodies, joggers, loungewear t-shirts, tracksuit tops and whatever else you may own.

Return To The Pile Of Clothes You No Longer Want

This pile of clothes also needs to be sorted. This is where you decide what needs to be thrown away or taken to the charity shop. You also need to decide if the clothes are in good condition and you can sell them. There is nothing more satisfying than selling clothes you no longer want because you get a little money back.