Fashion Update

For LSU and South Carolina, It’s the Final Four of Sideline Style

When Louisiana State University women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey strode from the court after yet another win last month, she peeled off her pink butterfly-bedazzled blazer. She tossed it to a grateful fan, and a squeal went up in the bleachers. The move was more rock star than a 60-year-old college coach, but it was in keeping with Ms. Mulkey’s razzle-dazzle.

Ms. Mulkey, along with the University of South Carolina’s Dawn Staley, is leading the charge for a new wave of women’s college basketball coaches using fashion as a crucial part of their public image. Their outfits are stockings of interest in an already electric sport. Friday night, in the hotly anticipated Women’s Final Four, millions worldwide will be tuning in to watch the formidable face-offs of South Carolina vs. Iowa, and LSU vs. Virginia Tech. Many of them will also pay close attention to what Ms. Staley and Ms. Mulkey, superstar, title-winning coaches who earn seven-figure salaries, are wearing.

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