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Harry Styles Has Fans ‘Spinning Out’ After Confirming Next ‘Harry’s House’ Single

There’s no need for fans to be spinning out waiting for Harry Styles’ next single any longer. The pop star confirmed Sunday (April 30) that the next featured track from his 2022 record Harry’s House will be longtime fan-favorite “Satellite,” following the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper “As It Was,” “Late Night Talking” and “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.”

The single will be rolled out Wednesday (May 3), as announced by two of Styles’ affiliate social media accounts. His label, Columbia Records, posted on Instagram a wide-lens poster of a rover-like robot surveying rocky terrain, over which all-caps white text displays a lyric from the “Satellite” chorus: “SPINNING OUT WAITING FOR YA.”

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“Satellite. May 3rd. 12pm ET,” the caption reads.

Styles’ official updates account, Harry Styles HQ, shared an alternate poster. This one features a close-up of the same robot, this time looking up at a starry night sky.

The posters seem to hint that a music video is on its way for “Satellite,” especially since all three of the Grammy winner’s previous Harry’s House singles were turned into music videos at different points throughout the year since the album dropped in May 2022. In the “As It Was” visual, Styles donned a sparkly jumpsuit and performed intricate choreography on a spinning platform, and in “Late Night Talking, ” he partied with friends in comfy beds in various whimsical locations (on the public streets of London, for example).

In the hilarious “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” video, Styles is transformed into a merman who saves himself from being chopped up into dinner at a sushi restaurant by sharing his gift of song with the customers.

Fans couldn’t be happier with Styles’ next single choice. “satellite song of the summer 2023,” tweeted one person.


Many fans also shared videos of Styles dancing along to “Satellite” while performing the fast-paced track during his ongoing Love on Tour shows. “Me for the next few months when satellite,” tweeted one admirer, sharing a compilation of the star stomping his feet and pumping his fists to the beat onstage.

See the announcements for Harry Styles’ next single, “Satellite,” below:

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