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Have you ever checked the label on the ketchup bottle you get from the grocery store?

Ketchup (aka catsup or catchup) is typically made with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), vinegar, sugar, spices, and natural flavorings – all of which are damaging to our health.

Plus, commercially-available ketchup gets super processed to remove most or all of the fiber.

The results? A really unhealthful condiment.

How can you have ketchup without all these unhealthful ingredients? Make your own!

Why Make Homemade Ketchup?

With a homemade ketchup, you have control over what goes into it.

No high fructose corn syrup.

No sugar.

No vinegar.

No flavorings.

No preservatives.

No weird ingredients.

This simple and flavorful homemade ketchup recipe is so easy to make (especially compared to other ketchup recipes on the web). It’s totally, completely, 100% worth the very tiny amount of effort it takes. Less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

And it calls for only a few basic ingredients that you probably already have on hand.

What to serve with homemade ketchup?

Homemade ketchup is perfect with these Healthy, No-Oil, Baked Fries.

Healthy, No-Oil, Baked Fries

It’s amazing – amazing! – with these No-Meatballs!

Healthy Meatless Meat Balls

It adds a tangy zip to breakfast when served with this Veggie Scrambled Tofu.

It’s a great topper for these Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers.

This Healthy, Homemade, Vinegar-Free Ketchup pairs perfectly with these Un-fried Potato Kale Cakes.

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And it’s also a nice condiment for this Vegan Macaroni and Cheese Bar, this yummy Scrambled Tofu Potato Casserole , these luscious Roasted Sweet Potato Coins, and these easy Vegan Veggie Balls.

Homemade Ketchup Recipe FAQ

Is it difficult to make homemade ketchup?

No! This Healthy, Homemade, Vinegar-Free Ketchup is very easy and takes just a few minutes.

How should I store this homemade ketchup?

It should be kept in a glass container in the refrigerator.

How long will homemade ketchup keep?

This homemade ketchup will keep in the refrigerator for about 7 days.

Can I freeze this homemade ketchup?

Yes! This ketchup freezes well, although the texture changes ever so slightly.

When ready to use, place the ketchup in the refrigerator or countertop to thaw. (To prevent spoilage, avoid leaving it at room temperature for long periods of time.)

Stir well before using.

Hidden Sugar Even in Homemade Ketchup?

The average American eats over 22 teaspoons of sugar per day (!), and part of the reason for that is that refined sweeteners are hidden in so many foods. Commercially-prepared ketchup is one of the main culprits.

But most homemade ketchup recipes use quite a bit of sweetener in them as well. Even sweeteners like raw sugar, maple syrup, agave, and honey are still not that good for you, so I opted to make this homemade ketchup super healthy by adding just a small amount of apple juice concentrate. If you miss the sweet taste that commercially-prepared ketchup has, I recommend adding a tiny drizzle of honey or maple syrup.

Seriously Good, Healthy, Homemade, Vinegar-Free Ketchup

Do your body good. Make your own ketchup so you can control what goes in it . . . and what goes into your body.

No need to ever use store-bought ketchup again!

Healthy, No-Oil, Baked Fries
Healthy, Homemade, Vinegar-Free Ketchup

Homemade, Vinegar-Free Ketchup

A delicious, silky ketchup made without vinegar or sugar.

Prep Time 5 mins

Cook Time 0 mins

Total Time 5 mins

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