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How to plan a perfect street party for the King’s coronation including bunting, party decs and more

A coronation party is a great way to celebrate the occasion of King Charles III being crowned king.

Here we take a look at how you can plan the BEST coronation street party for the historical event.

The King's coronation weekend takes place on May 6 -8


The King’s coronation weekend takes place on May 6 -8Credit: Alamy

What date and time will there be coronation street parties?

During the coronation weekend, people are invited to organize their own street parties and host a Coronation Big Lunch.

Most of the street parties will take place around 12pm on Sunday, May 7 – the day after the King is crowned at Westminster Abbey.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will also host his own Coronation Big Lunch at Downing Street, with community volunteers set to attend among other guests.

Where can I find a coronation street party?

To find out which street parties are happening near you, just type your postcode into the government’s interactive map.

Culture secretary Lucy Frazer said: “We want everyone up and down the country to have the opportunity to get involved in the coronation of His Majesty the King and her Majesty the Queen Consort.

“Our interactive map will help you find nearby activities, events and celebrations.

“Whether you’re hosting a street party, planning a big lunch, a screening or an activity for the Big Help Out, we want to hear from you.

“This is a fantastic occasion to come together with friends, family and your local community to mark this historic moment.”

Were there street parties for the Queen’s coronation?

There were street parties for the late Queen’s coronation in 1953.

Tables were placed down the middle of the road and everybody shared their food.

There was tea and coronation cakeand people took part in fancy dress competitions.

Food items were still rationalized in 1953, but households were allowed to buy an extra 1lb of sugar and 4oz of margarine for the big day.

Many people made spam sandwiches and had jelly and ice cream as their party food choices.

What did people do at coronation street parties in the past?

the coronation street parties weren’t all about the food.

Betty Ward used to organize all the festivities for the Leicestershire village of Kibworth Harcourt in 1953.

Speaking to Street Party, she said: “We had a fancy dress parade, a glamorous grandmas contest and a pram race, which involved ‘nannies’ (men dressed in nursemaid’s uniforms) pushing ‘babies’ (women dressed in bibs and bonnets) around two villages.

“They had to stop and drink a half-pint at each of the nearby pubs,” she recalled.

How can I decorate a coronation street party?

You could opt for the classic Union Jack bunting everywhere for a truly British celebration.

You could also fly flags from the windows and dress your street party table with the iconic Union Jack tableware.

Get creative by using string, ribbon, paints, and colored cards – anything and everything goes!

What are some Coronation street party ideas?
Best Coronation Party Decorations

Transforming your street for the coronation street party is easier than you think.

Here are some of the best party decorations you need for the big day.

Union Jack Bunting Lunch Napkins

Jazz up your table with these Emma Bridgewater napkins


Jazz up your table with these Emma Bridgewater napkinsCredit: Emma Bridgewater

Get your table ready with these wonderful Unuon Jack Bunting Lunch Napkins.

Buy now from Emma Bridgwater (£3.95).

Ginger Ray Coronation Bunting Party Like Royalty

The perfect pregnant to celebrate the big day


The perfect pregnant to celebrate the big dayCredit: SAINsbury’s

This party like royalty bunting is just the bunting is just what you need to celebrate this historic event.

Buy now from Sainsbury’s (£7.00).

Union Jack Table Cloth

Classic Union Jack table cover


Classic Union Jack table coverCredit: ETSY

This classic Union Jack table cover is essential for any street party.

Buy now from ETSY (£5.39).

Union Jack Kings Coronation Party Paper Chains

These paper chains never go out of style


These paper chains never go out of stylecredit: not on the high street

These Union Jack party paper chains are great to jazz up any table.

Buy now from Not On The High Street (£5.63)

Union Jack Balloons

King's Coronation Union Jack Balloons


King’s Coronation Union Jack Balloonscredits: amazon

You can’t have a celebration without including party balloons.

This 20-pack of King’s Coronation Union Jack Balloons is a great option.

Available in red, white and blue with each featuring the crown alongside the Union Jack flag.

Buy now on Amazon (£6.99).

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King Charles Party Novelty Mask

Novelty King Charles face mask


Novelty King Charles face mask

You can’t get a much better decoration than a King Charles face mask to wear during the celebrations.

Buy now from The Works (£2.00).

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