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How To Sell Your Old Clothes Online

Did you know that over £30 billion pound worth of clothing that has never been used is currently sitting in UK wardrobes? You could be sitting on a goldmine inside your own wardrobe, selling clothing items that you no longer need or use can be a great way to generate cash quickly.

Do Your Research On Clothing Reseller Sites

Some clothing websites may be better than others for selling certain types of clothing or specific items, some may also offer different commission pricing structures for how many clothes you are planning to sell on your site. For example, some clothing reseller sites may be better for selling your old men’s full tracksuits than others. Ensuring that you are aware of this information can help you make the most out of your old clothing.

Take Quality Photographs Of Your Clothing

When selling items online it is important to ensure that they have quality photographs, this is particularly important in the world of second-hand fashion. Buyers want to ensure that the item they are considering buying is of appropriate quality for the price that they are potentially going to be paying for it. Taking good photographs helps buyers feel more confident purchasing the item in question, meaning your clothing should sell faster. If you have a large collection of clothing that you want to sell you can either try your hand at taking photographs of your unwanted clothing yourself or alternatively you could contact a friend or family member who may know more about photography than you.

Describe Your Clothing Accurately

When you sell your old clothing online you should ensure that are are describing your clothing accurately online, this can help potential buyers understand what condition your clothing item for sale is in. When you are listing clothing items for sale online it is important that you also list the size the clothing product is in, this reduces the amount of messages you will receive asking such questions. For example, if you are selling your old collection of men’s streetwear you should include information about colour, size, condition and postage price, along with photos.


Before you list your items online you should do some research and figure out generally what price buyers are willing to pay for the items you have for sale. You should be putting your items for sale within the same range as other people. However, if you are looking to make a quick sale you can reduce your prices to be lower than the average price. You should also take into account the brand that made your clothing as this can allow you to bump up the selling price when selling your product.

Check Postage Options Before Listing Your Products

Making sure you are aware of postage costs can allow you to better judge if it is worth it to sell your clothing online or not, depending on the clothing and postage option you use you could actually be losing money when you sell your old clothing online. Ensuring you do your research beforehand can help you avoid this common mistake.


Selling your old clothes online can be a great way to make quick money online which you can use to purchase a new wardrobe that more accurately describes who you are today, rather than you in the past.

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