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How To Style A Trench Coat This Winter

Winter is among us and the best of fall fashion is in full swing. Styling a trench coat this season is an absolute must, but doing it the best way possible is not common knowledge. A daring and bold statement piece, trench coats have so much flexibility when it comes to street style. They can be dressed down for work in a smart casual way, or you might drape your trench coat over your sexy evening dress.

Trench coats go hand-in-hand with every other timeless fashion piece. Aside from their styling capabilities, they are completely versatile due to their waterproof nature. Their length and breadth of fabric will keep any hidden outfit dry and safe all day. It is no surprise that this outerwear piece has stood the test of time, frequently coming back onto the catwalks and high streets of cities around the world. How you might style one can seem more complicated than it should, so we have gathered some inspired style combinations that you might want to consider:

Colours To Look For

In womens fashion & clothing, the colours can make or break your outfit choice. If you are a trench coat beginner, we would always recommend keeping things safe with a black or beige colour scheme. The colours are versatile and you can pair these colours with any outfit. However these are very safe options, and if you think they sound too boring for you you might step outside the box and opt for more earthy colours like pine green or chestnut brown. If you are a trendsetter, you might take things to the next level and get a completely pink, barbiecore style trench coat to embody your Barbie dream life. The coat is a statement piece itself, and the colours you choose for the coat might just determine how great the full outfit looks.

What To Wear Beneath

Although trench coats can complete the look as a whole, you would not want to disappoint with a poorly put-together outfit hiding under the coat. It is also important to consider what you wear underneath, and especially how to accentuate your look with the shoes and bag that will be visible. For everyday wear, we would recommend layering the coat over skinny jeans and a fine fabric turtleneck, as you don’t want to look too bulky beneath the coat. For some fashionable evening wear, you should consider some stiletto boots that are oversized and shrugging, paired with an elegant purse to go with it. You might want to cover your night out dresses with this figure-hugging coat this season, and then reveal the hidden outfit once you reach your night-out location.


Trench coats are a fall season favorite, and adding one to your wardrobe might just be the best decision you make this year. They are waterproof, versatile, and overall look amazing. They can elevate any average-looking ensemble, and take it to a whole new level.

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