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How to Wear Streetwear Like An Adult

Streetwear has been a popular style for many years. It has certainly seen a lot of changes in the time that it has been around. From skateboarding fanatics to hip-hop heroes, streetwear has had many famous figures bring this style up to where it is today. You see all these old Hip Hop rappers still in their bold and baggy clothing, the truth is, this is not a look anymore and people are moving away from the super baggy, to the fitted and “loose fit” jeans. The great thing about streetwear is it is becoming more versatile and it is being worn on a wide range of occasions, even for work! If paired well, it can look great. If you have moved away from the youth culture and are starting to wonder how to look slightly more like an adult, this article is for you. We will go through some simple tips on how to wear streetwear like an adult. 

Start From The Bottom

One thing that needs to stop, is the bold ugly treds that you put on your feet. The one that you probably waited outside the store for hours to pick up. This is one of the most ridiculous things that you can do with your time and money. Instead, you should be opting for a more toned-down look with a simple pair of white trainers, a pair of navy trainers and a pair of grey. With these, you will be able to pair with a lot of different clothing styles. They don’t have to be super expensive, but it is true with what they say about the price you definitely pay for what you get.

Opt For More Lux Fabrics

Streetwear used to be workwear materials, meaning they were extremely thick and durable. Basically, materials that you could fall off a skateboard and not worry about having a hole in your jeans. Nowadays, top designers from all around the world have incorporated streetwear into their collections. This has been a revelation for many and many see this as the future of fashion, but others obviously disagree.

Due to top designers incorporating new and more delicate fabrics, you won’t want to be falling off a skateboard in these items anytime soon. Instead of going vintage, or even just down the skater look, ensure that you go to stores such as END, Selfridges, Flannels, Harvey Nichols and other high-end department stores where they can show you some of the best materials and designs out at the moment. For Example, God’s Gift has some fantastic garms out at the moment where you will still look respectable, whilst also wearing an oversized men’s hoodie.

Don’t Be A Hypebeast

When you are younger, you don’t have as much money coming out, with no rent or having to pay for bills, it is easy to spend your time waiting in huge lines overnight and spending all your money on the next new tred. The issue is that when you get older, this is a hard habit to kick, and we both know there are much more important things to be spending your money on or even to save for something.

Responsibilities grow, and to be honest, we outgrow that culture. If we as adults were walking down the road plastered in designers, it looks ridiculous, it’s not fashion, and it’s not cool, instead tone it right down and incorporate one bold piece to your outfit.

There are many different ways to tone it down and wear streetwear like an adult, it’s all about toning it down and ensuring you still look like an adult and not an adult in a youth outfit.

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