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Is Cancer on the Rise?

Yes, researchers say that various types of cancer are increasing in people under 50.

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Reasons are not totally clear for the increase in cancers, however, changes in lifestyle and environment may be partially to blame.

Young adults are getting breast, colon, esophagus, kidney, liver, stomach and pancreas cancer at increasing rates.

Some doctors think that diets are to blame.

Heavily processed foods have been linked to colon cancers.

Now, colon cancer screenings are recommended earlier.

Doctors and researchers are encouraging healthier habits in kids, as that can lead to healthier habits down the road and decrease cancer risks.

How can you help your patients?

  • Warn them of increased cancer risks
  • Let them know when they should be screened for various types of cancer
  • Encourage them to eat health, exercise and get enough sleep

It is essential that people prioritize their health to prevent long-term diseases.

While healthy habits can’t prevent all cancer, they might be able to help.

Doctors and researchers also think that greater diversity in gut microbiome supports a better immune response.

Diets should be full of nutrient-rich whole foods.

Antibiotics should only be taken when necessary. Smoking should be avoided and alcohol should be limited.

Let us know how you help your clients with their nutrition, cancer risks and screenings.

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