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Is Your Compliance Plan Protecting You?

Healthcare compliance plans are essential to ensure your practice is following the law. Your compliance plan can keep your practice out of trouble.

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A recent enforcement action highlights the need for an effective and updated compliance plan.

A physician in Arkansas has been sentenced to 102 months of prison time and to pay over $4.63 million in restitution. Following release from prison, he will have three (3) years of supervised release. He also was fined $2,200 for a special assessment.

The physician was found guilty of signing prescriptions for patients that he did not know or treat.

The physician was then found guilty of lying about his actions to the FBI. He claimed he only signed prescriptions for those he evaluated and denied receiving any kickbacks.

In response to a subpoena, he only turned over a small portion of records. He also fabricated medical records.

The Arkansas physician’s actions serve as a grave reminder that it is essential to follow your compliance plan. Once a bad act has been discovered, your compliance plan needs to be followed to repair and remedy any issues.

Your practice should have a thorough compliance plan in place and action plans in the event you find any issues.

Your staff should also be trained as to how to respond in the event of an investigation.

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