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Kingdom Hearts 4 Should Take Notes from Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud’s Leadership Style

Final Fantasy 7 Remake saw Cloud’s leadership style emphasizing the efforts of the team, allowing players to swap between its varying party members during combat. Kingdom Hearts 4 could benefit from similar qualities, letting its supporting cast aid Sora more directly.

the Kingdom Hearts the series has always emphasized the power of friendship through its narrative, with party members being a core component of combat. The iconic trio of Sora, Donald, and Goofy provide balance to one another not just through their personalities, but in their combat specialties. Although the player can choose Sora’s stat focus at the start of many games between an emphasis on magic, defense, or an equilibrium between the two, Donald and Goofy’s presence makes it so that the staff, shield, and Keyblade are all equally important to success . Kingdom Hearts 4 will almost certainly see this team return, although its approach to the trinity could differ from its predecessors.


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Controllable Party Members Could Shake Up Kingdom Hearts 4’s Combat


While the trio makes for a competent team in fighting off enemies throughout Kingdom Hearts, issues have lingered regarding their AI. Complaints about Donald’s healing, or lack thereof, have set the stage for many jokes. Although the series has offered slight remedies in these respects, offering players the chance to customize the behavior of party members’ abilities, combat style, and recovery focuses, the question arises whether future Kingdom Hearts titles could benefit from a similar combat style present in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake its blended real-time combat with the ATB gauge, allowing for nuances in battle that relied on both skill and strategy. Bolstering this system was the ability for players to switch between supporting characters at a moment’s notice, making it so that Cloud’s efforts weren’t the sole focus. the FF7R supporting cast feature a bevvy of skills with increased applicability among certain enemies, meaning for both normal enemy and boss encounters, switching between Barret, Tifa, and Aerith was vital. The player was able to experiment with attacks and weaponry beyond Cloud’s buster sword, adapting to the different play styles of each character.

Cloud’s leadership style in Final Fantasy 7 Remake emphasized just how important the efforts of the group were in battle; switching between its cast in combat further aided the cinematic qualities of the game, making its fights feel high-stakes through the collaborative efforts of the team. In instances where only certain party members were present, like Cloud and Aerith fighting as a duo through the collapsed expressway, the ability to swap between them felt conducive to the narrative. US Kingdom Hearts 4 suggests there will be instances where Sora fights alone as Donald and Goofy search for him, their reunion could be made all the more impactful using similar methods.

Rather than showing Donald and Goofy searching for Sora through cutscenes alone, KH4 could benefit from letting the player assume their role in combat, making it so that the characters’ efforts to find their friend correspond to the player’s input. This would also allow for the continuation of switching party members as the team regroups, strengthening variety across the title. US Kingdom Hearts 4 will undoubtedly include more Disney and original worlds for Sora and the team to traverse, visiting party members could tie into this system as well; Reaction commands for guests can differ depending on whether the player is controlling Sora, Donald, or Goofy, causing the battle to feel more dynamic.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently in development.

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