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Lisa Rinna Says She Loves That Her Unique Style Makes People ‘Feel Uncomfortable’ (Exclusive)

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star isn’t afraid of a bit of controversy — especially if her style is the topic of conversation

Arnold Jerocki/Getty

Arnold Jerocki/Getty

Lisa Rinna has never been afraid to say what she thinks — and fans have seen that same confidence in her latest style choices.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 59, has entered a new era of her post-Bravo life with not just a bang, but a freshly refurbished closet.

the Days of Our Lives alum caused a ripple during Fashion Month when she showed up to the Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2023 show in a banged, bob wig, which many of her followers compared to Stranger ThingsWill Byers’ bowl haircut and shrek’s Lord Farquad’s hairdo. But the controversy is exactly what made it Rinna’s favorite look of the month.

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty

“I love getting in there and making people feel uncomfortable. I’m polarizing,” the Rinna Beauty founder tells PEOPLE about the outfit. “I love that about myself. So that was a great look because it just flipped everybody out.”

She continued, “I like to make people feel something, and that made people feel you either loved it or you hated it. And I just love that.”

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Rinna’s Vivienne Westwood look wasn’t her only bold statement of late. The reality star wore a Jean Paul Gaultier couture dress that was reminiscent of a fitted tuxedo matched with black glove sleeves with silver thimbles on the nails to Elton John’s 31st Annual AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party. She also wore a Viktor & Rolf couture patchwork dress to the designer’s show at Paris Fashion Week.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Both looks earned Rinna a plethora of opinionated feedback in her comment section, with some criticizing the bold looks as “ridiculous” and “horrible.” Rinna, however, welcomes the conversation.

“I’d love to get people just having a conversation, getting them to feel something, because I think everybody is not super happy. They don’t feel good,” she says. “And I think that people are tending to go into a negative area right now. And I’m trying to get people to snap out of it and talk about something other than wanting to hurt people or be so negative.”

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Fashion “can’t be taken so seriously,” Rinna says, and while some may not love her new style, Rinna says it’s been a great way to “express” herself and have “fun.”

Matt Keeble/Dave Benett/Getty

Matt Keeble/Dave Benett/Getty

While Rinna may be owning it — as her iconic saying goes — her confidence doesn’t come from just anywhere. She cites her late mother, Lois, as the source of much of her assurance in herself.

“My mom was not a risk taker and did not express herself this way, but my mom was a survivor and a really strong woman,” Rinna says. “I think I got the foundation there, and then I just spun it off into my own way to do it.”

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Though she is chock-full of confidence, the final look comes together in real-time, Rinna admits, explaining she goes off with “gut and spontaneity.”

“It might be in the moment I’m feeling this, but I might not be feeling that a week from now,” Rinna tells PEOPLE about her process of getting dressed. “It’s kind of a spontaneous thing, depending on the designer I’m working with, the fittings I’m going to, what their current line is, it all goes into it.”

Rinna Beauty

Rinna Beauty

Rinna’s also been busy leading her own beauty brand, Rinna Beauty. Its latest release includes a new line of the company’s best-selling lip-plumping oils, Larger Than Life Lip Plumping Oils, $24, and its first fragrance and body care product, Dryp Tease Dry Oil Body Spray, $28.

The lip-plumping line features six new shades, including “Illusion,” “Sunset” and “Bright Bombshell,” which are a creamy nude, coral and bubblegum-pink, respectively. The vegan and cruelty-free lip plumpers can make the wearer’s lips 20% bigger in just 28 days, according to the website.

“I think that oils are really trendy right now, so we came up with this,” Rinna tells PEOPLE. “It has a shorter, fatter applicator, which I love. And it has such a pretty consistency and is so moisturizing.”

In true Rinna fashion, the makeup mogul is using her beauty and clothing to express herself in a creative, new way, showing the world that while she may be in a new period of her life, she isn’t going anywhere.

“I’m saying yes to the universe right now because the universe is offering me so many different avenues, and it’s really coming out of that,” Rinna says. “And I think fashion has always been such a great expression for me, and all of a sudden it seems like they want me to come and express myself. So I am. And it’s really that simple.”

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