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The 100 Best Men’s Clothing Stores in the World

What’s the vibe? Located on a tree-lined street in CDMX’s coolest neighborhood, the original Void location—another one has popped up in Roma Norte—is a clubhouse of sorts for stylists, musicians, and tourists who are willing to travel for Void’s advanced curation.

Why visit? To tap into the popping local style scene, and grab a great biodynamic coffee at the café in the back.—SH


Cotton Sheep

San Francisco, California

What’s in stock? A tight and calculated selection of rare Japanese brands including Kapital, Masato, and Porter.

What’s the vibe? Situated in the retail-dense neighborhood of Hayes Valley in San Francisco, Cotton Sheep is a respite from the startups and highly manufactured DTC brands that dominate the area. It’s filled with recycled and reclaimed wood that show their natural patina and live edges, reflecting their affinity for the natural and handcrafted.

Why visit? To get you and your entire family (yes, they also sell very cute, very artisanal children’s clothing), fitted in head-to-toe Japanese grails.—GO

Cotton Sheep, San Francisco, CaliforniaJoe O’Bryan


Los Angeles, California

What’s in stock? There’s a reason the likes of Frank Ocean and Abel Tesfaye drive all the way from Malibu to downtown LA to shop at Departamento: no store has a wider selection from breakthrough brands like Man-tle, Camiel Fortgens, and Martine Rose.

What’s the vibe? Walk through Departmento’s door, discreetly hidden in the back of a Maru Coffee (keep going past the register), and enter a wavy new dimension of style.

Why visit? There is no better place in Los Angeles to discover your next niche fashion obsession.—SH

Departmento, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCourtesy of Departmento

Evan Kinori

San Francisco, California

What’s in stock? Current editions of Kinori’s hand-numbered clothes, furniture from Copenhagen design team Frama, vintage lamps, wooden stools, and blankets woven in the studio behind the shop by artist Marina Contro.

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