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The Grown Woman’s Guide to Ageless Style

AFTER THREE YEARS of upheaval and change, many women are realizing their old wardrobes are no longer a good fit—both literally and figuratively—for their post-pandemic selves. Whether you celebrated a milestone birthday, became a mom, switched jobs (or just discovered the joy-giving power of elastic-waist pants) during the Covid era, chances are you’re not interested in dressing the same way you did in 2019. Here, two writers of different generations seek guidance on suiting up for their next chapters.

The Woman in her 40s: Baze Mpinja

A couple of months ago, I went to a sample sale for the first time since the pandemic began. I showed up hoping to score a great deal on Jimmy Choo shoes (mission accomplished)—but the experience also gave me a glimpse of just how much my style shifted during Covid times. For example: While most of my fellow crazy shoppers were throwing elbows to snag sky-high pumps, I only had eyes for kitten heels. Apparently, after years of working from home in cozy socks or sneakers, I’m no longer interested in suffering for chic footwear—even if I can get it at a deep discount.

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