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These Are Today’s 9 Most Stylish Nepo Babies

sofia richie hailey bieber and lori harvey

The 9 Most Stylish Nepo BabiesGetty Images

Nepo babies, they’re just like us—except unlike (most of) us, they’re born into exorbitant amounts of wealth, status, and fame. Despite our differences, we’ve come to know and love many of them. Our favorite nepo babies are style icons, actors, models, and often savvy entrepreneurs.

From Paris Hilton to Sofia Richie, see nine of the most stylish, trend-setting nepo babies inspiring us with their fashion today.

Paris Hilton

The original nepo baby, Paris Hilton, ran the party scene in the early aughts, and her slew of fabulous going-out outfits have stood the test of time amid the resurgence of Y2K and ’90s fashion.

Some of her favorite trends over the years include velor tracksuits, denim-on-denim, rhinestones and sparkles, and pink galore.

In recent years, Hilton’s personal style has seen an evolution toward more sophisticated, professional silhouettes—but still, she is never without her signature glitz, glimmer, and shine.

london may 3 paris hilton celebrates her 21st birthday party at the stork rooms in swallow street on may 3, 2002 in london photo by dave benettgetty images

Dave Benett – Getty Images

Sofia Richie

The nepo It girl of the moment, Sofia Richie has singlehandedly brought the quiet luxury trend to new heights.

Her increasingly influential style has been characterized by timeless, classic fits that usually come enhanced with minimal makeup and simple accessories. The understated ensembles appear so easy at first glance that they feel almost accessible to anyone, but in reality, each piece is spotless, refined, tailored, often custom-made, and always designer.

new york, new york september 15 sofia richie is seen in midtown on september 15, 2022 in new york city photo by gothamgc images

Gotham – Getty Images

Hailey Bieber

Having grown up around many of the era’s biggest trendsetters and celebrities, the model has unsurprisingly managed to stay on top of the style curve. Now, she is a leader in both modern street style and the “clean girl” aesthetic.

The model has put her own chic twist on a handful of recent style trends, including the oversized jacket, baggy pants, the slicked-back bun, and as of late, the return of the Bermuda shorts. She’s additionally carved out mainstream styles of her own—namely her glazed-donut nails—and popularized aspects of athleisure, like wearing baggy low-rise sweatpants and chunky dad sneakers.

los angeles, ca july 01 hailey bieber is seen on july 01, 2022 in los angeles, california photo by rachpootbauer griffingc images

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin – Getty Images

Bella Hadid

The younger Hadid sister has singlehandedly launched several trends in recent years (the Adidas Sambas, clunky loafers with socks, layering vintage clothing, knit hats, and the list goes on). When it comes to her casual off-duty looks, the supermodel doesn’t shy away from colors, patterns, or textures—often incorporating an abundance of plaid as well as other ’90s-inspired pieces, like frameless tinted shades.

With her unique ensembles, she became a subject of the online trend “Is it a fit or is it just Bella Hadid?” (among the personalized spin-offs to “Is it a fit or is she just skinny?”). But despite what was perceived as her random fashion choices, the supermodel’s personal style philosophy ultimately focuses on radiating beauty from within. “The best way to express inner beauty is through love and compassion,” she told

new york, new york june 19 bella hadid was seen in brooklyn on june 19, 2022 in new york city photo by gothamgc images

Gotham – Getty Images

Lily-Rose Depp

There is an undeniable Je ne sais quoi energy to Lily-Rose Depp that just makes even her most plain outfits feel the most chic. It is also how she seamlessly embodies Parisian It-girl fashion: a style marked by simple yet classy basics.

Of course, it helps that her mom is French singer and model Vanessa Paridis. “My fashion icon is my mom and Carrie Bradshaw,” the actress previously said, “and all the cool French It girls, like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin.”

new york, new york september 12 lily rose depp is seen in noho on september 12, 2022 in new york city photo by gothamgc images

Gotham – Getty Images

Kaia Gerber

With her mom being iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford, Gerber has been blessed with unmatched access to coveted wardrobes and style influences that have imminently rubbed off on her cool girl style.

Though she mostly stays away from the spotlight, this nepo baby regularly graces us with her fits—chic streetwear, sleek suits, glamorous red-carpet gowns—and a “clean girl” look. She has also helped push various big trends: rectangular sunglasses, ribbed tanks, oversized sweats, and coveted sneakers.

new york, ny september 10 model kaia gerber wearing red sweater, black pants is seen outside proenza schouler during new york fashion week springsummer 2019 on september 10, 2018 in new york city photo by christian vieriggetty images

Christian Vierig – Getty Images

Zoë Kravitz

The charm in the actress’s personal style is in her range and in the way she always looks totally effortless. When she’s not in a loose-fitted, grungy look, she’s stealing the spotlight with her easy glamor on the red carpet. (Recall her sultry embellished Saint Laurent gown at the 2021 Met Gala.)

Kravitz’s outfits, whether casual or formal, all reflect her free-spirited attitude. “Sexiness is not giving a fuck,” the actress once said.

palm springs, ca april 11 zoe kravitz attends coachella wearing marc by marc jacobs sunglasses on april 11, 2015 in palm springs, california photo by rachel murraygetty images for marc by marc jacobs safilo

Rachel Murray – Getty Images

Lori Harvey

The model got her start in fashion thanks to her famous dad, Steve Harvey, and over the years, she has acquired an enviable wardrobe (which features generous amounts of lace, velor, and leather, as well as vintage pieces) and plenty of fashion connections. Her style even inspired an Instagram account dedicated to sourcing all her looks that have since garnered nearly 25,000 followers.

new york, new york september 14 lori harvey is seen in battery park city on september 14, 2022 in new york city photo by the hapa blondegc images

THE HAPA BLONDE – Getty Images

Nicole Richie

Much like Hilton, the SimpleLife star was an early-2000s trendsetter and It girl—the original influencer. Her style at the time included plenty of rhinestones, denim and hot pink, and has since evolved to a breezy, raw, eccentric style that is equally iconic.

“As I have evolved, so has my need to always feel like my full self,” she told “I focus less on trends or executing a certain look, and lean more into using getting dressed as a form of self-expression.”

nicole richie photo by jeff vespawireimage

J.Vespa – Getty Images

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