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Upgrade Your Casual Fashion Game Like Nayeon

Get inspired to upgrade your wardrobe from TWICE’s Nayeon fashion sense. Check out!

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TWICE is one of the popular bands in South Korea with nine members. The group gained recognition in 2016 through their song ‘Cheer Up’, which won the year’s best single. And later the band gained popularity throughout these years and why not when the band has charismatic girls. Among which Nayeon’s fashion taste is widely admired.

As the idol she is, Nayeon is used to getting styled from head to toe. And this doesn’t mean she doesn’t opt ​​for comfy outfits.

The non-alcoholic singers have an old relationship with casual tee and glasses, which is undoubtedly best. If you give her oversized warm wear, she will dress it all the glam and pride. She also likes to go for sweatpants as it provides ease and comfort. Scarfs are just a pinch to any outfit.

And the sweet truth is Nayeon could wear anything and she would still look attention-grabbing. No doubt about her fashion and beauty.

And there is nothing wrong if we say comfortable clothes enlighten her natural beauty. And the best proof is her low-definition pictures where she is undeniably gorgeous.

Even though Nayeon never backs to stun in dramatic makeup, her unique outfits are like a fresh breath to see her in a comfy t-shirt. And we bet t-shirts, and oversized tees have never glammed before.

In conclusion, Nayeon looks more relatable and comfy when wearing casual clothes.

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