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Video shows execution-style Miami Beach shooting

Shocking surveillance video captures the execution-style killing that sent throngs of Miami spring breakers bolting Sunday — the second deadly shooting that erupted at the popular party destination over the weekend.

The terrifying footage shows crowds of vacationers walking under umbrellas around 3:30 am when a gunman starts firing off rounds.

Startled tourists can be seen covering their heads as they run from the shot.

The victim is then seen falling to the ground as the gunman continues firing at him.

The shooter then runs from the bloody scene.

Miami Beach police later identified the suspect as Dontavious Leonard Polk, a 24-year-old from Fort Lauderdale.

Polk was being held Sunday night on a first-degree murder charge.

Surveillance video revealed the horrifying moment the gunman opened fire as crowds of tourists walked under umbrellas on Ocean Avenue early Sunday.

The victim fell to the ground as the gunman shot him several times.

Two days earlier, a man died and another was injured when gunshots rang out, sending masses running in fear from restaurants and clubs into the crowded streets.

Cops found four guns at the scene and held one person, but have not shared any other details.

The violence prompted the city to enact a curfew Sunday night, prohibiting tourists and partygoers in South Beach from being out from 11:59 pm through 6 am Monday.

Tourists were milling about Ocean Drive shortly before the shooting around 3:30 am Sunday.

The police chased down the shooting suspect and arrested him shortly after.

Miami Beach police officers were pictured Sunday enforcing the strict curfew, which does not apply to residents, people going to and from work, emergency services and hotel guests.

Under the rules, people must clear out of business by midnight. Hotels can stay open later to serve their guests, but restaurants can only make deliveries after midnight.

Some of the rulebreakers were also pictured Sunday night being apprehended by the police at South Beach.

Miami Beach police
Miami Beach officials enacted a strict curfew Sunday night following the bloody weekend.
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Miami beach police
The police had to step in and do crowd control Sunday night after a curfew soured some spring breakers’ trip to South Beach.
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spring breakers
Police could be seen escorting some rowdy spring breakers away Sunday after a curfew went into place at midnight.
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Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said Sunday the city was left with little choice in implementing a curfew due to the sheer number of guns and swarms of people crowding the city.

“We don’t ask for spring break in our city,” Gelber said.

“We don’t want spring break in our city. It’s too rowdy, it’s too much disorder and it’s too difficult to police.”

Spring breakers
Another curve will likely be put in place for next Thursday through Monday.

Officials may instate another curfew Thursday through March 27, with the restrictions primarily focused on South Beach, the popular tourist spot that spring breakers love.

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